More progress on the site

Continuing with the site update… I decided to leave the links to all the old html pages while I’m in the midst of the work, so there is at least a working, (albeit dated) site.

I have so many decisions to make. For instance, I have an old gedcom tree from 2005 that I created from my Family Tree software. Since that time, I uploaded all that information into Reunion software, which was the only good one available for the Mac at the time. I like it, so I continue to use it. It makes some beautiful trees and reports that I can publish on the site, but I don’t want to take the time to do that right now, so the old tree is posted, instead.

The big issue was finding a free WordPress theme that I thought would work with my layout plan. I finally had to resort to the theme called 2011 and use some extensions to have a side bar on the individual pages (it only worked on blog posts). There are so many tiny technical details that go into this, but I’m thrilled that most of them were resolved last night (around 2am).

So, the site theme, header, menu structure, side bar, and footer are resolved.

Today, I added pages:

  • Why I research
  • Links to the whole Billings gedcom mentioned above
  • Reports for each surname (again, with old information)
  • A poem I wrote about genealogy
  • Links to resources – many that are free
  • Footer information

I’m currently waiting for the memorials I created over the years to load. My late husband and I attempted to sell online memorials way back when they were first coming out. That plan failed, but I enjoyed creating the memorials for my loved ones to use as examples. Surprisingly, a company wanted to buy the domain name from me, so I pocketed $1500 profit and moved all the memorials to a private page. I decided to link to that, and quit for the night.

More to come…

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