Descendant Reports

All of the reports on my original website were from about 2002. I have since found more updated information, made some corrections, and moved my tree from Family Tree Maker to Reunion software (because I use Apple products and couldn’t use the old software). I have updated most of the reports as of March 2024, but there a few that need updating and are noted as such.

In my old website, I hadn’t had much luck with the Bertrands and my report started at my brick wall, Francois Xavier Bertrand, born 1862, and his wife Delia Senecal, born c. 1884. Do you have any idea how many men there were named Francois Xavier Bertrand born in Canada? Alot. I have since found several generations back using I still need to prove these connections, so I guess I have to brush up on my French. Here is my updated report.

The report published on the old site went back to William Billings in 1677. He married a woman named Sarah in 1696 and that’s when it all began. However, it was remarkable progress from the first one I printed. That report started with John Albert Billings who was born in 1878 in St. Thomas, Ontario. He was my grandfather’s father and was the earliest known relative. Several years later, I was thrilled to discovered William’s roots back to the 1400s in the Visitations of Cornwall. Here is the updated report, back to Richard Billing of Trevorder, Cornwall, England

In the past 20 years since I created my first genealogy website, I have found a bit more Bromell history. This starts with John Bromell, born in 1724 in Pancrasweek, Devonshire, England. I have gotten much farther back than my report in the old website, and I have fleshed out more details, like census records and maiden names. Here’s the report.

The Foote report–last updated in March 2024, including the famous Nathaniel Foote

Patrick Lang was born between 1802 – 1805 in Ireland, and died December 01, 1875 in Franklin Mine, Houghton County, Michigan. He married Ann Drugan before 1841. I was able to find her maiden name and added it to this report. Ann was born in 1809 in Ireland, and died between 1884 – 1900 in Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan. The Lang family before Patrick and Ann is still a brick wall. See the report.

John Lawlor was born 1815 in County Kerry, Ireland, and died 1892 in Houghton, Michigan. He married Honora Reardon between 1837 – 1845 in Ireland. She was born 1817 in Ireland, and died 1899 in Huron Township, Houghton County, Michigan. I’ve attached a photo to the report that I think may be them. See the report.

OK, so I lost the family files in the big computer meltdown; until I re-enter all 1500 or so Ostranders, here’s something to hold you over.

From Reuben Palmer to the present. I only have source records for Coleman to the present, at this time. See the report.

George Rushton was born June 11, 1816 in Colne, Lancashire, England, and died December 29, 1902 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.He married Ann Hartley March 05, 1837 in Colne, Lancashire, England, daughter of Unknown Hartley and Unknown Sutcliffe.Ann was born January 18, 1814 in Colne, Lancashire, England and died October 13, 1889 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. There were many Rushtons and Hartleys in Colne, and I have been unable to pin down George and Ann’s parents. I am also unable to find the family in the 1841 census. See the report.

The Schmachtenbergers beginning with Adolph. I believe I have found all of his children as they traveled across America.

I just updated this report (February 2024). Since the last one I published I discovered “Jack” is Alexander Watson, and I have found his parents, siblings, grandparents and more. I have also discovered that his wife was not Mary Ellen “Mason,” but Mary Ellen Kelman, and I have found information on many of her ancestors as well. See the report.