The Lawlor Family

[Related surnames: Lang, Reardon, McCormack]

Catherine Lawlor, c. 1910

My grandfather on my mother’s side was Thomas F. Lang. His mother was Catherine Lawlor from County Kerry, Ireland. Catherine came to America with her family sometime in the 1860’s. She came with her father, John Lawlor, mother Hanora Reardon Lawlor, brother John and sister Mary.

I recently found that there was another sister named Honora, and there is Jeremy listed with them in the census, but I have no more information on her. According to Catherine’s obituary, the family settled in Detroit, Michigan, for a while, then moved to the upper peninsula.


John Lawlor
Kate Lawlor
Mary Lawlor







It’s difficult to tell which of these is Kate, but the middle one looks like she’s wearing a ring on her left hand, so I think it’s Kate. This picture below of an older John shows he looked quite a bit like the younger photo. The mustache never changed.

I just found this in a photo album with captions provided by my mother. Here she wrote, “John Lawlor with Jim and Hugh” 1917

More than 20 years ago, I met with my cousins in Michigan. My aunt, Therese Strucel, brought an old family photo album. Many of the photos were unlabeled, and some had the family surname or other information written right on the photos. I took digital photos of the album and have posted them on the website. Four photos have Lawlor written at the top. The unknown children might be Lawlors. Hoping a Lawlor descendant can identify more of the people. See the photos here. 

I found this entry in a guestbook on the Lawlor/Lalor site online. I have since contacted the writer, a distant cousin named Thomas Richards, and we have shared more Lawlor facts.

Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 15:50:05 -0500
Dear Jeff,
Just stumbled on to your homepage! My grandmother (my father’s mother) was a Lawlor. I always remember her story about her grandfather Lawlor. According to her, he came from Ireland and, after a time and marriage, he came to the Houghton-Hancock region of northern Michigan (the upper pennisula) and settled there. Her story concerned his first night ashore in America. She told that he spent his first night in America in jail. It seems someone called him a “son-of-a-bitch.” And according to her, you didn’t call an Irishman a “son-of-a-bitch” without impunity. He was arrested for brawling. I haven’t read all of your pages and it will take me a little time to do so.

I don’t know the Lawlor lineage. My grandmother was Mae Lawlor. I believe her father’s name was John. I also seem to remember a brother she referred to as Willie.

I’m drawing this from quite a long time ago. Mae was born January 28, 1888 and died April 27, 1965. I give you this info in the event that someone recognizes something and might contact me with more family history. Finding your page may send me on a genealogical search into the Lawlor name.

Thank you for reading my ramblings, but I thought you might enjoy the “jail” story. It was my grandmother’s favorite.
Thomas M. Richards

Family Coat of Arms







James Lang and Kate Lawlor, July 24, 1869

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Census Pages
I found Kate, married to James in the 1870 Houghton, Michigan census. I know that the Patrick Lawlor I found in upper Michigan censuses is related, because I remember my mother talking about him, but I haven’t made the correct connection, yet.

The Lawlor Census Page
Includes. . .

1870 Patrick and Catherine with children
1870 John Lawlor and children
1900 Patrick and Catherine alone