The Bromell Family

[Related surnames Billing | Billings, Bond]

I don’t know much about this branch of the family. I know that Emily (Emma) Bromell was my grandfather William Albert’s mother. My grandmother Ariel said that Emma’s father owned a hotel in Toronto and that there was a large picture of her on the wall in the lobby. This picture shows Emma with her husband, John Albert Billings and her children. They are Caroline, Gladys and William Albert. The photo was probably taken around 1903 in St. Thomas, Ontario.
The first record I found was Emma with her parents and siblings in the 1871 Ontario census. Her father William is listed as an innkeeper. I found William Bromell again in 1901 in Toronto–an innkeeper.

I have since found William, his siblings and his parents in the 1851 census in North Arscott, Holsworthy, Devonshire, England. I also found Emma was buried with her husband and sister Amelia Brumell Dyker in the same plot in the St. Thomas West Avenue Cemetery in Ontario. I have facts, but no personal data or stories and would love to find some Bromell family to share research with.

[2005 update: I have found a few generations back and I’m still going strong. I also received an email about a year ago from a possible cousin. I’m still working to find our connection.]

Tombstone photo: From the St. Thomas Cemetery–Emily, her husband John and her sister, Amelia Bromell Dyker.

Genealogy Reports
The Bromell family beginning with John Bromell of Pancrasweek, Devon, England–last updated March 2024.

Family Group Sheets
My great-great grandfather, William Bromell (born 1827), with his wife Dorothy and their children.

His father, also William Bromell, born 1793, with wife Joanna and their children.

The elder William’s brother, John, born 1797, and his family.

Census Pages 

See the pages here. They include:
My great-grandmother Emma with her family in the 1871 St. Thomas census.

Blog Posts
Rick and I went to St. Thomas, Ontario, where I finally got to the cemetery. Story and photo posted here.

The Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid
Bromell family members are buried in St. Thomas and can be found in this great index.