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Guestbook Archive 2002-2006

When I first created my genealogy website, I installed a guestbook. Over the years, the technology failed, but, hopefully, the version I’m implementing now will continue to work so I can meet lost cousins.

I actually forgot this page existed, and I’m excited to post these old guestbook entries on this new site. I will have to make time to revisit some of these lost relationships soon, because it’s always more fun comparing notes with distant cousins on this research journey.

Message Time: Tuesday, February 7 2006, 06:48 pm
Name: Philip Rushton
Email address:
Surname of interest: Rushton
Found the site thru: Rushton
Comments: Excellent work.

I am son of Rowland Rushton Jr. making George Rushton of Trawden my g, g, great grandfather.


Message Time: Monday, February 6 2006, 03:41 am
Name: Roger Baetzold
Email address:
Surname of interest: Batzold
Found the site thru: Batzold
Comments: My part of the Batzold family came to the Varysbury/Attica area of Wyoming County, NY in 1855 from Saxony. I have done a genealogy study of this family and would like to know if/how other branches are related and where they came from in Germany.

Message Time: Tuesday, January 31 2006, 05:58 am
Name: Lydiah Anne (Billings) Warfield
Email address:
Surname of interest: Billings
Found the site thru: Billings
Comments: William Albert Billings-HELLO! cousin-I have a photo of him. Those two guys in front of a haystack, I also have a photo of an elderly couple with a small boy standing in front of the same hay stack. (It was so obvious we are related to at least a part of your family or we would not have saved these photos.) Paul,my uncle, saved as musch as he could, and gave this stuff to his younger brother (my Dad). My Dad told me we have two cousins in Canada, and he even wrote them after his brother Paul died-Paul appeared to know them. I never knew them or wrote to them after my Dad died.

Wm. Billing & Billings b. 1819-York m. Nancy Ann Bennett b. 1832-PA

This is my line, so far. I’m almost sure it connects back to James and Richard from England.

We are in the process of moving-when we get settled in-I will find those photos and see what I can do about scanning them in to send to you. It will be a couple of months though.

I am also doing our tree and will be giving it to the Mormon Church.

Message Time: Monday, January 2 2006, 02:27 pm
Name: Lydiah Anne Billings (Warfield)
Email address:
Surname of interest: Billings, Bennett, Fairbanks, Byers, White, Young, Brickell, Beck, Palmer, etc
Found the site thru: Billings, Bennett, Fairbanks, Byers, White, Young, Brickell, Beck, Palmer, etc
Comments: I finished our family tree- besides already knowing who our relatives are, I thought it would be fun to find some allied families, in the process. I came across a cousin who told me something very firmly. ‘All Billings in the United States are related’-I thought that was a good piece of info to know-as I have come across many Billings’ who deny they are related. Thoughts anyone????? Thank you for this site. I liked it.

Message Time: Wednesday, October 5 2005, 08:16 pm
Name: Trish Carr
Email address:
Surname of interest: Palmer
Found the site thru: Palmer
Comments: WOW! I am amazed at all the work you have gotten done. My family is related to Reuben Palmore through his son Randall. Keep up the good work!!!

Message Time: Monday, July 25 2005, 06:21 pm
Name: Corey Schmachtenberger
Email address:
Surname of interest: family
Found the site thru: family
Comments: Good stuff here. I am Corey Schmachtenberger. I am in the 82nd Airborne DIV of the US Army. I have 2 Sons to Dana McCrobie of Minerva, OH. They are Quest Andrue (4) and Fortner James (3)

Message Time: Monday, July 11 2005, 03:57 am
Name: Pauline
Email address:
Surname of interest: Rushton
Found the site thru: Rushton
Comments: Hi One of my Waddington family of Colne, Alice, married Robert Rushton in 1858, and one of their daughters Annie married Hartley Rushton in 1883. Also one of their sons George Rushton emigrated to Canada in 1912. I wondered if these had any connection with your Rushtons? Interesting that your Rushtons went to Brantford, Ontario as there were strong links between Winewall(near Colne) and Brantford as members of the Inghamite church at Winewall founded a similar church in Brantford in the 18th century. Regards Pauline

Message Time: Monday, May 23, 2005 21:28:30
Name: stephen billings
From: springfield illinois
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: I didn’t think any one else had the last name Billings. Then me and my cousin got bored and started lookign up this stuff and found your site. It was really cool to see all those pictures and everything!

Message Time: Thursday, May 19, 2005 9:04:46
Name: Scott Billings
From: Windsor Ontario
E-mail Address:
Home Page: Billings Family
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: Just had to laugh…I was searching Billings’s. Seen this. I just started a site for the family and relations(literally just started)lol. But my curiousity is if the Billings here were somehow related to Billings’s in Gooderham Ont.
Other than that..Nice site and have a good day.

Message Time: Sunday, May 15, 2005 8:21:27
E-mail Address: FSHNREBL@AOL.COM

Message Time: Sunday, March 27, 2005 12:49:35
Name: Jeff Lawlor
From: Palm Beach now in Union, MO
E-mail Address:
Home Page: Patriot Saddlery
How Found: looking for Official Lawlor Home Page?!?
Message: I originally created and designed the “official lawlor home page” in 1996, relinquished care of it a few years later… an now UNABLE to find it anywhere on the web… if u know where it is… eMe!!
the “palm beach” link is no longer active.


Message Time: Thursday, March 10, 2005 0:20:44
Name: Riaan Sauls
From: Port Elizabeth
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: My grandfarther was George Watson and his farther was Andrew Watson and my mother says that my Grandfarher was a Btit. I need info on my grandfarther and his family.where do they come from origanaly and so on

Message Time: Thursday, January 27, 2005 15:27:59
Name: Candy
From: Charlotte Co.
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: I’m from Charlotte County and used to live right down the road from Palmer’s Store in Ontario. I happened to run across this site while doing research. Very interesting – good work!


Message Time: Friday, November 26, 2004 18:26:44
Name: lula uron
From: williamsburg va
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: I am foote family. My grandfather was Calvin Foote and my father was george elvin foote. I would like to met some of the family

Message Time: Saturday, July 31, 2004 18:19:45
Name: laura ordway
From: amityville ny
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: i was doing research on my family tree when i stumbled across your webpage.i think we have common ancestors.althpugh i found common names i also found discrepancies in grandmothers full maiden name was viola batzold, her fathers name was fred batzold who married dora sondericker, fred batzoldsfather was john t. batzold who married elizabeth , i have her maiden name down as schurb. they were married in 1878 elizabeths father
wasjohn schurb who was born in switzerland and her mother was born in france.john t. batzold’s father was also named john and he came to america in 1866 and was born in 1843. my grandmother’s side of the family resided in attica ny.i have an old book with elizabeths name in it but she the signature says shaub. any information on the ‘batzolds’ or schurbs would be greatly appreciated.

Message Time: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 20:22:02
Name: Pat Leyendecker
From: Pasadena, Maryland
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: Also looking for Schmachtenberg. Willing to share my info as John Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Busch were my 2nd gt grandparents. Hannah and Abraham Busch being the 3rd gt grandparents. Have been researching 33 years and am a volunteer at the Md. State Archives.

Message Time: Thursday, February 5, 2004 19:39:48
Name: Anne Goeden
From: Oakville, Ontario
E-mail Address:
How Found: Referred From Page – enter below
Message: Dear Katherine

It is a wonderful website. I have looked at all the church registers for Colne and I have never found the birth entry for James Rushton. I know that my James and your George were married at the same church only a few years apart. I only know that the father of my James was also James as per his marriage entry to Mary Richardson on Dec 25 1841. Hopefully one day I will have enough info to tie him into the right family.

Message Time: Saturday, September 27, 2003 19:37:41
Name: Jan Bartlett
From: Lanlivery Cornwall uk
E-mail Address:
How Found: Looked up Edward Billing St Breward
Message: My husband is directly descended from Edward Billing who married Mary Lean in 1783.
Their daughter Mary married Thomas Marshall in 1820
Their daughter Hannah married John Saltern.
Their daughter Eva Alice Saltern married Albert Willcock.
Their daughter Clarice Alberta Willcock married Harold John Bartlett and they were the parents of my husband! Colin Peter Bartlett

Message Time: Sunday, September 14, 2003 3:33:43
Name: Donna Terrill-Pelland
From: Upper Michigan
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: Found your site by looking up Clarence Terrill and came by your web site need to know If I can get permission to download pictures on C.D. for my children. Your site has picture of my grandmother Minnie Bertrand-Terrill

Message Time: Friday, August 29, 2003 19:10:19
Name: Denise McClory(nee) Billings
From: Waterloo Ont.
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: Wow what an amazing job you have done.I love the old photos and stories. I haven’t found our connection but I know somehow we are. I have researched my family back to Curtis Billing b.abt.1787 in County Carlow, Ireland. who married Mary Anne Abraham. Curtis died on 15 Aug. 1872 in St. Gabriel, ValCartier,Portneuf, Quebec. They had 11 children. I figures either one of these children, or one of their children went to St. Thomas. Am still searching this possibility.

Message Time: Sunday, August 24, 2003 20:55:23
Name: Norma E. Leibold
From: San Marcos, California
E-mail Address:
How Found: Phone call
Message: Per our phone conversation.I have looked at your web-site and I think it’s terrific. What an great job you have done in your research and compiling.

Message Time: Sunday, July 20, 2003 2:17:34
Name: Christopher D. Palmore
From: Born in Richmond, Virginia
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: I live in Inglis, FL (by coincidence, there is another Palmore in this town, also, who I have never met). All of my immediate family is from Central Virginia. Cumberland Co.,/Richmond

Message Time: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 18:12:32
Name: Carolyn Palmer Jordan
From: New York State
E-mail Address:
Home Page: Foote Family Association of America
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
Message: Wonderful site! Emailed note of correction for Foote family.
I would like to know who set up your site and the ancestry video is fantastic!

Message Time: Sunday, July 6, 2003 22:57:48
Name: Phyllis Patterson
From: Florida
E-mail Address:
How Found: Researching my line of Palmers and found you from google
Message: A very good site and found my line of Palmers.

Message Time: Saturday, September 14, 2002 4:56:27
Name: Pat Kiel
From: Utah
E-mail Address:
How Found: Just browsing around the Web
How Found: Looking for Schmachtenbergers
Message: Nice web site

Message Time: Monday, June 17, 2002 23:32:38
Name: Mary Terrill Pergande
From: Born in Detroit, now in Tennessee
E-mail Address:
How Found: Message on
Message: Hello cousin!!!


Message Time: Sunday, June 9, 2002 21:48:44
Name: Jan
From: Kamloops, BC, Canada
E-mail Address:
How Found: Referred From Page – enter below
How Found: found you on RootsWeb
Message: We’ve already chatted through email…but I wanted to sign your guestbook!
Cheers! Jan


Message Time: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 15:10:47
Name: Nancy Kelman
From: Bowmanville,Ontario,Canada
E-mail Address:
How Found: That compulsive obsessive thing…genealogy
Message: Hi there…thought I’d drop by now that we’ve met by other means…your site is great. I have been trying (unsucessfully) to get my own up and operating. I have the domain name: but haven’t the know how to get any further. Thanks for everything. Keep in touch. At this rate, we’ll have a not only a family tree but a whole forest. Nancy Kelman