Interesting obituary

In my opinion, the obituary is one last chance for others to know we were here. It’s thrilling to me that one can easily access information about our ancestors and others who have gone before us through a permanent record of our lives, loves, and foibles on the internet. A friend sent me a link … Read more

Catching up on nine eventful months

December 2002 Catching up on the past nine months… I can’t believe I haven’t updated since April! I have had such a lucky year that it will be impossible to remember all that has transpired, but I’ll give it a shot. First, and foremost, were the cousins I’ve met since my last posting—some I have … Read more

In Memory of Ariel Eileen Billings Goodridge

November 2001 In Memory of Ariel Eileen Billings Goodridge February 9, 1921 – November 2, 2001 My aunt Ariel Goodridge lost her battle with cancer last month. She was diagnosed in January, one month before her 80th birthday. Despite the total amputation of her left leg, the cancer spread, and she died on November 2nd. … Read more