Rushton Photos

I met a new Rushton cousin online: Linda Grant, who is a descendant of William Rushton, Hiram’s older brother. She sent me some pictures of that branch of the family, and I already had some from Hiram’s line. I will post all the known and unknown Rushton photos on this page, in hopes that some of the unidentified photos will be recognized by another family member. If there are any more cousins with unidentified pictures, just send them to me and I’ll post them here.

January 10, 2002
Here’s a breakthrough! I have two old albums: one belonged to my grandmother and the other to her cousin Blanche. I had carefully removed a few of these pictures from my grandmother’s book and scanned them. I just came across one that was only in Blanche’s book and noticed writing on the back. I decided to take her version of each posted picture out and take a look. Sure enough, many of them had captions! I have put the pictures here, with captions.

I only have one photo of Joseph Rushton. The accompanying photo of his grand-nieces at the farm gave me the date.