Catching up on nine eventful months

December 2002 Catching up on the past nine months… I can’t believe I haven’t updated since April! I have had such a lucky year that it will be impossible to remember all that has transpired, but I’ll give it a shot. First, and foremost, were the cousins I’ve met since my last posting—some I have … Read more

Discovering Palmer cousins in Virginia

April 2002 Revamped Website Still working on the website updates. I’ve found a way to make the trees into .gif files and will repost them. However, they may be slow to load on dial-up connections. Palmers: Meeting Cousins Big news for the Palmer side, my husband Rick’s line. Family information for Rick’s side wasn’t very … Read more

Trip to the St. Thomas, Ontario, cemetery

December 2001 Finally got to the St. Thomas, Ontario, cemetery where much of my kin is buried. My father was born in St. Thomas and just about everyone in the preceding generations is buried there or in Hamilton. John A. Billings was my great grandfather–my grandfather William’s father. He is buried here with his wife, … Read more