Finished the family pages

I made quite a bit of progress when I rolled out of bed today and again in the past three hours since midnight. I finished the main pages for eleven more surnames: Bromell, Foote, Lang, Lawlor, Oberowski, Ostrander, Palmer, Rushton, Schmachtenberger, Senical, and Watson. I linked them all to the main menu. Then I decided … Read more

Updating the site in 2008

As you can see by my last post, it’s been 3 years since I’ve blogged. I guess I’ve been busy. HOWEVER, I’m back. I’m working to update my site. I’ve found more information about many of my ancestors. Plus, there are lots of new web tools that I want to implement. Look for a better … Read more

Getting back to work

We’ve been finishing up the house renovations (finally!) and I have had very little time to enjoy genealogy. I’m trying to remember anything that I’ve done, discovered, and wanted to pursue so I can quickly note it here and get back to it when I’m hunkered down for an evening of research. 1. Great comments … Read more

New guest book

Well, after 3 nights and many hours, I’ve created a new guest book for the site. The old book was a freebie from a commercial site, and I really detested reading a website filled with Viagara ads. The company was pretty good, considering that they did clean out the spam now and then, but it … Read more