The Bertrands of Montreal, Canada

[Related surnames: Lang, Lawlor, Reardon, Houle, Senical | Senecal]  

My great grandparents





My mother’s mother was Rose Bertrand. I have very little information on the family, except for a few pictures and death notices. I’ve never met any of the Bertrands. I was surprised to find recently that my grandmother’s sister lived within 10 miles of my childhood home, yet I never met her nor her family.

Rose’s parents were Francois Xavier Bertrand (1862-1943) and Delia Senecal Bertrand (1860-1948).

The Bertrands came from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. [Note: 2 censuses for Xavier’s children list their father as “born in Ohio.”] At some point, they settled in Negaunee (or New Swanzy) Michigan, because my grandmother’s birth certificate is from there. I’m trying to place the family’s location at different times, since my grandmother Rose and a few sisters were born in Michigan, other sisters were from Quebec, and the elder Bertands died in Quebec.

This page will be under construction for awhile. I have only recently found Senecal information, and am trying to use that to find more on the Bertrands, since Francois Xavier Bertrand, my great grandfather married Delia Senecal. I recently found Delia’s mother–Victoria Houle Senecal–in a census in the upper peninsula of Michigan in 1900. More to come (hopefully).

I am really thankful to my mother. About 10 years before she died, she went through every family album with me and explained who was whom. We figured out dates from incidences she remembered, and we created a scrapbook of marriages, death notices, and family pictures, with just about every person in the pictures accounted for.

Thanks Mom.

I have very few photos of the Bertrands, but was fortunate to come across this one of the entire family.

This is the entire Bertrand family [besides a boy, Francois, who died at 14]. This photo was taken in Montreal in 1941. Delia Senecal and her husband Francois Xavier Bertrand are surrounded by their daughters: [this is a guess] Viola, Florence, Rose, Minnie, Maude, Priscilla, and Delvina.

Standing: Viola Bertrand Bougie, Norma Carter Day (daughter of Maude Bertrand Carter), Delvina Bertrand Bisaillon
Seated: Maude Bertrand Carter, and Delia Senecal Bertrand. Taken about 1943.

Here are my grandmother Rose’s sisters in Montreal, about 1945 or 1950: Delvina Bertrand, Florence Bertand Leahy, Viola Bertrand Bougie, Minnie Bertrand Terrill, Priscilla Bertrand


Death Notice
A memorial for Rose Bertrand Lang (1892-1975)

Census Records
1900 Census: Michigan, Marquette, City of Negaunee–Zotique Deschambeault, his wife Celine (Celia) Houle and her mother Victoria Houle Senecal [my great-great grandmother]

Genealogy report for the Bertand family from Jean Bertrand to present.

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