The Oberowski Family

[Related surnames Olesky, Kruschinski, Pilarski]

My husband’s mother’s family is proving difficult to research. I know very little about the family, and she has few records to help. I do know that her mother’s mother was Emma Oberowski. She had brothers Henry and John, and I found both of them in the Social Security Death Index. Emma’s parents were August Oberowski and Minnie Kruschinski.

I have found some Oberowskis and variations of the name online. Within her own family, many of the relatives spell the name differently: Oberoski, Obrosky, Obrosey, to name a few.

I found an August Oberowski and Wilhemina Kruschinski at the LDS site, but have yet to prove they are the correct family. I never assume!

Coming soon…Emma Oberowski, Minnie Krushinski Oberowski, and more

Here’s Emma “Oberowske’s” Alien Registration card. I love any little artifact that gives a glimpse into the past.




Obituaries/Death Notices

Genealogy Reports
Adam Obrowsky, possible father of August.

Census Pages
August Oberowski and family –  1900