Another week of progress

I’ve been chiseling away at this website all week. The problem is, I keep getting distracted looking for more information to add. I wanted to update all the reports, but once I opened my Reunion software, I got caught up researching gaps in the information. Next thing I knew, I’d add generations to many of the surnames, because I’ve missed a lot of new records that were added to and sites since I last did any research.

But, finally, I’ve updated most of the reports and they start much farther back than the ones I published back in 2002.

I’ve also changed the photo pages a bit so the photos are now organized in grids. That’s why sites are always a work in progress. I keep coming up with new ways to share the information. I love looking at these old photos and wanted to be sure to make it easy to access them. I have many many more that I can add. It’s so easy to create photo galleries and change layouts using all the great plugins that a WordPress site makes available. Things have definitely improved since 2001’s limited html pages.

So, now all that’s left is finding a few stragglers – pages that were linked in subfolders of subfolders on the old site. I hope to get it all cleaned up this week and move the site to its permanent home instead of the subfolder I’m using while it’s in progress.  Then the exciting part of adding new facts and photos can begin. I’m making a promise to myself that any new records I find from now on will be put first in my tree software and then posted here on this site.



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