The Senical | Senecal Family

[Related Surnames: Bertrand, Houle, Chalifoux]

My mother’s mother was Rose Bertrand. Her mother was Delia Senecal. I have almost no information on this family, other than a few names and the fact that they lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

This page will be under construction for awhile. I have only recently found some Senecal information: I found Delia’s mother—Victoria Houle Seneca—in a Michigan census in 1900. More to come (hopefully).

August 2002:
I received two emails of interest this summer. The first was from Mary Terrill Pergande. She is the daughter of Earl and Ann Terrill, Earl being the son of Minnie Bertrand and Clarence Terrill. Minnie was the daughter of Delia Senecal and Francois Bertrand. She is also interested in genealogy and has promised to let me know when she finds more information on a trip to Michigan’s upper peninsula.

I was emailed last week by a man named Bob Davis. His wife is the great granddaughter of a Houle, and probably related in some way to the Senecals. Bob was nice enough to answer my query on the Senecals that is posted on Rootsweb. He and his wife had transcribed Senecal info from a cemetery in Marquette County. These Senecals were buried in plots next to Houles, so they copied the information just in case. Here’s what he sent me:

Hi Katherine Palmer- I just saw your posting on dated 14 Dec 2001 re: Senecal family from Canada to Marquette County, MI. At the Negaunee Cemetery are the following graves in a family plot:

SENECAL – “Mother” Julia C. 1864-1949
“son” William 1889-1960
“daughter” Lucy M.L. 1898-1966
Pearl M.(1903-1993) and Viola A. (1906-1975) are on one common headstone
Medrick C. Senegal, Mich. Pvt. Batty D, 40 Field Art. WWI, Feb 3, 1891 – Sept 19, 1966 (note: mispelling of Senecal is as shown)
Clement Paul Senecal, Mich PFC HQ Co. 47 Inf WWI, June 8, 1923-Apr 15, 1961

The 3 “mother-son-daughter” markers are grouped together. Julia C. was Julia Chalifoux who married a Senecal ( I think his name was Joe ). The Senecal and Chalifoux families were closely associated in Neguanee. My wife is descended from the Chalifoux family thru the brother of Julia Chalifoux, Caesar Chalifoux, II.

Next to the Senecal plot is the Chalifoux plot, which has the grave headstones of “Mother”, 1860-1941, and three of her children. “Mother” was Adeline HOULE, who married Julia’s brother, Caesar Chalifoux, II, in Neguanee.

I started looking around for new census records and found a few more tidbits to help decipher the Senecal relationships.

1930 Census, Michigan, Marquette County, Marquette, District 24:
2205 Presque Isle Ave. 227/245
Senical, M. Joseph, head, own, 4000, rent, no, male, white, 75, married at 27, no no, born in Canada (Fr.), parents born in Canada (Fr.] speaks Fr. immigrated in 1877
Julia wife, f,w, 65, m 17, no, yes, born in Michigan, parents born in Can. [Fr.] next page: Senical, William, no, male, white, 40, single, no no, born in Mich, father Can. mother in Mich.
Mederick, son, no, male, white, 38, single, no no, born in Mich, father Can. mother in Mich.
Clifford, son, no, male, white, 37, single, no no, born in Mich, father Can. mother in Mich.
Viola daughter, no, female, white, 23, single, no no, born in Mich, father Can. mother in Mich.

Their oldest son, Joseph is found on page 23:
Senical, Joseph, head, o, 800, r, no, m, w, 45, m, 25, born in Mich, father born in Can, mother born in Mich
Louise, wife, f, w, 41, married at 19, Mich Mich Mich
Clifford, son, 20 single, n y Mich, Mich, Mich
Lawrence, son, 16, single, n y Mich, Mich, Mich

Hopefully, the pieces will continue to fall together. I would like to be able to go at least one generation back from where I am now. With help from others interested in this branch, we may all discover more soon.


senecal photosViola A. Senecal in 1956

Caption: Miss Viola A. Senical serves this year as personal manager and supervising director of the extra-curricular freshman activities. As freshman sponsor, she tackles the arduous task of acquainting her aspiring actors with their new roles as the Graveraet and oversees their performances. Bouquets to Miss Senical! [Photo from Bob Davis]


The Report
John Baptiste Senecal [Senical] married Marie Meunier and here’s a record of their descendants. This report was updated March 2024, but many sources need verifying.