Photo albums added: Bertrand, Billings, Lang, Rushton, and Watson

Sorting and linking to the photos was quite a chore. I have lots of subpages of photos, besides those that were on the main surname pages. I finally selected what gallery plugin I wanted to use, then downloaded all the photos from the old website into one folder. From there, I selected them by surname … Read more

Catching up on nine eventful months

December 2002 Catching up on the past nine months… I can’t believe I haven’t updated since April! I have had such a lucky year that it will be impossible to remember all that has transpired, but I’ll give it a shot. First, and foremost, were the cousins I’ve met since my last posting—some I have … Read more

Watson/McGregor Photos

September 2001 Debi Burgess Sends Dozens of Watson Photos  I’ve had some exciting happenings in my little genealogy world. First, never ever get discouraged if you hit “the wall.” I thought I was stuck, couldn’t find descendants, couldn’t find ancestors, so I posted surnames and queries all over the internet using and Rootsweb message … Read more