Watson Tombstone Photos

John Watson was my great grandfather James’s brother. Found out from the records that the “K” stands for Kelman. The caretaker suggested that his middle name could have been his mother’s maiden name and then found a Mary Kelman Watson died in 1934–my great grandmother? I had 1939, but 9’s and 4’s look similar.

I looked for a Mary Kelman in the International Genealogical Index, and sure enough, Alexander Watson married Mary Kelman in New Deer, Aberdeen, Scotland, January 17, 1865. I kept searching and found several of their children’s births in Scottish parish records and Alex’s and Mary’s parents’ names. I’m so happy I went to the cemetery!

My grandmother told me John married Gertrude Miller. The graves of John and Gertrude were in the Mellor plot. Alan and Eliza Mellor are buried next to them and I’m guessing they are Aunt Gertie’s parents.

John and Gertie Watson








John Wilson
John was the husband of Agnes Ellen Watson – James and John Watson’s sister. John Wilson is the man in the Watson photos who is wearing highland gear.