Getting back to work

We’ve been finishing up the house renovations (finally!) and I have had very little time to enjoy genealogy. I’m trying to remember anything that I’ve done, discovered, and wanted to pursue so I can quickly note it here and get back to it when I’m hunkered down for an evening of research.

1. Great comments in my guest book…want to write these new “cousins” and thank them for contacting me. There’s nothing better than joining with other distant family members in a collaberative effort to trace our past.

2. Gene Dunnuck sent me a great picture to post. I need to scan and post it, as well as keep up our correspondence.

3. Drove to Boston and stopped in Connecticut on the way home. Rick and I spent a great time in the town and cemetery of Wethersfield, home of Nathaniel Foote. (Well, I thought it was a great time. LOL) I need to post pictures and history of the town.

4. My guestbook broke when the host updated. Brandon told me to change php3 extensions to just php. After a month or two of great intentions, I finally did so tonight, and it is back up and running.

5. WWI enrollment records for Houghton County are finally on I found my Langs and extended family. Also, Alex Lassers (son of a couple of friends of mine) was finishing his last semester at Michigan Tech in Houghton County. He graciously offered to find me some Calumet and Hecla mining records. I had sent for a few back when the college library was well staffed enough to research for others. At the time, I received Lang info that mentioned cousins who worked in the mine. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find one particular cousin, Michael Daley, whom I believe to be the son of Honora Lang and Michael Daley. Alex offered to take a look and found a few records that were possibilities. He carried them to Detroit on Thanksgiving break. I drove there for the holiday, but his mother couldn’t find the records. Hope to see them soon! So close, and yet so far.

6. I still need to contact the granddaughter of John and Gertie Watson. I had only recently discovered that they had a daughter, Donna, but she unfortunately died earlier this year. Lesley at the cemetery gave me the granddaughter’s email address, but I haven’t had a chance to contact her yet.

7. I also need to copy info and send to Betty Brown Rosser’s daughter and son-in-law. I had a really nice but quick chat with them a few months ago.

That’s all I can think of right now. Hope to get back in the genealogical swing of things soon.

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