Good intentions

So much for keeping up the research blog. Hmmm…since last blogging, I have found a possible match for my great-grandfather Francois Xavier Bertrand. I found a family in Ohio in 1870. They came from Canada, and Francois’s age is off by about 3 years. However, this same family can be found living back and forth in Canada and Ohio throughout the years, and there are many indications that they could be mine.

The place they return to in Canada is near Montreal, where Frank and Delia spent their later years. It is a small town near where the Senicals seem to be from. The Frank I found has sisters named Rose and Priscilla, and my Frank named two of his daughters Rose and Priscilla. Of course, none of this proves anything, but it is the first bit of information I’ve found that is promising. This Francois’s parents were Theopolis and Domatilde, so they have been easy to track in various census records and online trees.

That’s about all I can remember at the moment. I have really had very little time for genealogy since Rick and I are trying to complete the last stages of this 5-year home remodeling project. The family room is the last major fix, and we have worked every weekend and every evening after work, almost nonstop. It doesn’t leave me much energy for genealogy, and I also have about 5 genealogy “cousins” whose emails I need to respond to. If you are one of them and reading this, let it be known that I really appreciate receiving your email and I WILL contact you as soon as I get a chance.

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