Finished the family pages

I made quite a bit of progress when I rolled out of bed today and again in the past three hours since midnight. I finished the main pages for eleven more surnames:
Bromell, Foote, Lang, Lawlor, Oberowski, Ostrander, Palmer, Rushton, Schmachtenberger, Senical, and Watson.

I linked them all to the main menu. Then I decided I didn’t like the related surnames on the sidebar, so I put them on the main page and linked them to the pages they were related to. I then decided each of those pages should have the related surnames listed at the top, in case any relations come peeking around that may be interested in collaborating with me. It fills out the page nicely now that I put a graphic of a bit of my tree on the page above it.

Last night at 2am I solved my page coding issues (after about a WEEK of investigating the problem], so today’s pages took about a half hour per page, versus the 4-5 hours the first few pages took. I also chose a different theme that was more user-friendly (and I thought cleaner looking) than the one I was using before.

Next task: transfer over the seven archives pages from 2001-2002. Not sure how I want to do that yet, so I’ll sleep on it. Should I make an archives page, or just make back-dated blogs for each?

Like I said, I’ll sleep on it and see what pops into my head overnight.

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