In Memory of Ariel Eileen Billings Goodridge

November 2001

In Memory of Ariel Eileen Billings Goodridge
February 9, 1921 – November 2, 2001

My aunt Ariel Goodridge lost her battle with cancer last month. She was diagnosed in January, one month before her 80th birthday. Despite the total amputation of her left leg, the cancer spread, and she died on November 2nd. She was awake and aware until the day before she died. I was privileged to spend the last week of her life with her and my father, and we had a wonderful time until the end.

If there can be a “best way” to die, I would choose to do it like she did. A few weeks before the end, my whole family went see her in northern Michigan. Despite a variety of lifestyles and geographic locations, we all made it for one final bon voyage. We spent a weekend talking, laughing, sharing memories, and finally, saying goodbye.

Ariel’s only child died at birth, but she was aunt and “surrogate mom” to many. She was behind the scenes at my wedding, and many other family events, cooking, creating, and just generally helping out–always there when we needed her. I am personally grateful for the hours she spent poring over old pictures and helping me piece the family tree together. She will be missed by all.

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