Page update – Billings

I’m trying to take short jaunts on this journey to revamp the website. If I take baby steps every so often, it’ll be done before I know it.

Today is Sunday (not that weekends mean much to a retiree), but I normally do my NYT Sunday puzzle while eating brunch. It’s 3:30 and I’ve been updating the Billings / Billing page instead. I set up the page, found some missing photos, and linked to some all the images I had on the old site. I was forced to link to some old html subpages until those are revamped, but it’ll work for now.

Looking at all this old info sure was a blast from the past. I remember the trips Rick and I took to St. Thomas, meeting my old friend Leslie a the St. Thomas Cemetery, and even the once-in-a-lifetime trip to St. Breward, Cornwall, to research my family history. Beautiful memories.

I also made a new page that highlights the wealth of information I found in the Visitations of Cornwall. My second great-grandfather is listed at the bottom of the tree, which links my heritage back to Richard Billing of Trevorder born ~1450 in Cornwall, England. When I discovered this resource, it provided my ancestry in St. Breward back to ~1450. I was able to research the lineage, fill in a wealth of information about each ancestor and I was even inspired to make that trip to Cornwall.

It also reminds me that I’ve uncovered so much more since I created this page more than 20 years ago. I can’t wait to fill in the gaps and upload my latest trees and findings! Now it’s time for brunch.

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