Whole Site Update

I’ve been retired from my technical writing career for nearly two years now (hard to believe!) and I’ve been promising myself that I’d streamline and update my genealogy site. I’ve had an old html site I created in 2001 that I’ve updated slightly by adding a link to a WordPress blog in May 2005. Unfortunately, that was only sporadically updated and the last post appears to be from December 2013! So much for good intentions.

The actual trees on the original site have been updated a few times, but now I fear there are too many versions online. My goal is to refresh the entire site revising the html pages into WordPress and integrating the blog into the rest of the content. It’ll be a huge task because I have hundreds of pages to move, including info about each surname, updated family trees, obituaries, memorials, photos, and resources.

But now there is no excuse. I’ve moved the html site to a new server, and I’m slowly working on updating all the content to the new version. I’ll need to work this into my already busy schedule, but I’m excited to see the result.

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