A nice gift from some history students

I received this interesting email a few months ago…

Hello Gerry!

I wanted to write a quick thank you, and let you know that I’ve been referring to your resource page (at http://myheritagesite.com/genealogy-links/) in putting together some class materials for a genealogy/family history lesson for my middle school social studies class. Thank you so much for your help!

I also thought I’d pass along a site one of my 8th graders found that I thought might make a great addition to your page. It’s a genealogy research guide that I found very accessible. if you’re interested, it’s at http://www.peoplefinders.com/article-people-search-genealogy-resources.aspx. If you add it to the site, I’d love to show the kids! We’re encouraging them to participate and find their own voices.

All the best,
Mary Ward

I’ve added the link to the site and will add more new resources that I’ve come across this past year. Thanks for your help, class!

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  1. Worldvitalrecords.com has changed its foarmt somewhat. They no longer have a link for Free Access. Instead they have on the left of each listing an icon of a file folder (which means free access), a globe (which means Global Membership) or a US flag (which means US membership).

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