More catching up to do…

There is so much to blog about – I’ve heard from a few distant cousins, I’ve found some interesting facts, and I’ve enjoyed some new tech gadgets that make genealogy more accessible and enjoyable.

What I haven’t done is keep up on this blog – but that’s about to change.

Can I make a New Year’s resolution in December? Okay, I’ve decided that I can.

I write blogs for clients and for our small business. I enjoy blogging, my vocation is writing, and I have no trouble keeping the business tasks and projects up to date. Now…I vow to keep up my own genealogy blog.

Luckily, things in my life have slowed down for the first time in about 3 years. My husband and I have spent more than the past 3 years working on renovating an income property. We did it almost all by hand. It’s sold! My time is once again my own!

I’ve been relishing the extra time, and have especially enjoyed the ways that the free time has benefitted my genealogy hobby. Of course, I still have a 40-hour a week job writing for a local engineer, and my husband and I own a web and print design company, but the home improvements we were doing IN ADDITION to all that were what put me over the brink.

Since selling the house, in the last 2 weeks I’ve caught up on quite a few things that have needed attention. I’ve also begun enjoying hobbies and other interests again. I took a few evenings and a weekend to clear out my office and files. I now have all my tools, information, and ancestor’s relics easily at hand. I’ll admit, the paperwork could be better organized, and the photos need some heavy sorting, but what I’ve done so far has made it easier to plop down in my chair any evening and pick up on research where I’ve left off.

Last night, I did just that. In fact, the results of that will be the subject of my next blog….

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