Keeping track of research

I’ve found it almost impossible to keep track of all my research data. I’m thrilled that I keep discovering more and more about my ancestors, but all these piles just keep on growing.

Another problem developed with my website. I started with one or two pages and it kept evolving. I didn’t have a good organizational plan set up, and it became difficult and tiresome to update the site. I just realized I haven’t updated since 2002! Where did the time go?

To alleviate some of the problem, I have decided to get to work redesigning and reorganizing the site. I have begun a brand new organizational scheme, and created a new java script menu so that I don’t have to update 50-some pages every time I decide to make a new section or add a surname.

My husband, Rick, insists that a blog will help me keep track of my thoughts, research, and new developments along the way. So, here goes. . .

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