The new site is up

Well, it’s not exactly new, but it’s cleaned up and better organized.

Tonight, I worked on cleaning up my family tree for publishing as a gedcom. It needs more work, but it’s much improved, so I privatized information on living relatives and uploaded the latest tree. I need to start on the Palmer tree next.I came across a couple of good research aids today. The first is the “Historic Directories” website [] This was a quick tidbit in my Cornish Gen-list, and it was a really pleasant surprise. There are hundreds of trade directories from the 19th and early 20th century online. There’s a good search engine and I easily found some ancestors.

I was especially excited to find my great-great-great-grandmother Catherine Rickard Billing. She was 76 years old and listed in a directory for St. Breward, Cornwall, where she was a “beer retailer.” In earlier census records, she and her husband (St. John Billing) were listed as innkeepers.

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