Lang and Lawlor Tintypes and Family Bible

January 2002

Happy New Year. My New Year’s Resolution is to get all these family files organized and onto the webpage. I have many many newfound cousins who are working with me on various branches of the family, and I’d like this page to be a resource for them to swap photos and info.

Unknown Photos – In Progress
The first new addition of the year is adding “Unknown Photo” pages. I have many unlabeled photos that I acquired just in the past year. I have new Schmachtenberger, Watson, Rushton, Lawlor, and Lang photos that I’ve found within the family attics and basements, and other cousins who I’ve met this year have sent me some of theirs, so this will be a major project.

In December, I spent an evening with some cousins on the Lang side of the family: Therese Strucel, Rose Globke, and Barbara and Joe Callahan. They are descendants of James Lang and Catherine Lawlor. Therese brought a beautiful old photo album that probably belonged to James’s and Catherine’s daughter Mary Anne Lang. It was filled with pictures from the late 1800’s, including some tintypes. I took digital photos of all the pictures and will begin to post them here. Many were unlabeled, and some had the family surname written right on the photo.

No matter what branch of the family you are, be sure to check the unknown photos links to see if you can identify some of your own ancestors. Please let me know if you recognize anyone and I will update and post them in the regular photo section.

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